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  • ecoJarrah ― As seen on TV

    6 October at 12:53 from atlas

    ecoJarrah for your Garden on WA Weekender. Presented by Sarah Danze and Harry Clark.

  • How to order online

    6 October at 00:00 from atlas

    1 ― Select a Product by clicking 'Add to Cart' below the item. 2 ―  Click 'Checkout' on the RHS of the screen.  3 ...

  • Choosing the right product for your needs

    8 September at 03:55 from atlas

    Selling or Leasing a Property? We recommend choosing a premium grade wood-chip such as ...

  • Learn About Mulch

    26 March at 16:06 from atlas

    Learn About Mulch PALM - Does it make GOOD MULCH? Palms make excellent water saving mulch, rough, course irregular particles that ...

  • New Products

    6 March at 23:22 from atlas

    We have just released three new wood chip Perth mulch products to our already fantastic extensive range available.  These ...

  • Wood Chip Myths & Facts

    27 November at 21:51 from atlas

    Below are a few facts our mulch entrepreneurs have put together for your references. Do Wood Chips remove nitrogen from the ...

  • How to use Wood Chips

    27 November at 21:48 from atlas

    Below are standard instructions on how to install Wood Chips onto your landscape: Garden Beds 1 Weed the garden bed ...

  • Useful Landscape Links

    27 November at 21:29 from atlas

    Below is a list of industry related links that may assist or answer some of your questions. Please call us if there is any ...

  • Water Conservation

    26 November at 14:10 from atlas

    Applying mulch to your garden can greatly reduce evaporation loss, improve the soil, reduce plant stress and weed growth, as well as ...



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