ecoJarrah is a business focused on conservation, procurement and production of Jarrah without harming the environment; eco-friendly.


Founded in 2012, the ecoJarrah Co. has an established name throughout the Perth metropolis and most rural regions of Western Australia. We are most known for our dedication towards Jarrah forest rehabilitation and sustainable recovery of by-products to supply products for the Agriculture, Building, Civil, Energy, Garden/Landscape and Land Rehabilitation industries.

We focus on high quality and eco-friendly Jarrah based products that range from Firewood, Fencing and Gates to Posts, Sleepers and Woodchips and much more – all which come from 100% sustainable sources of West Australian Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata).

Sustainability, it’s our number one pride – to ensure we’re making a positive impact on an economical environment and renewable growth for Australian Forestry. One way we demonstrate this is by contributing proceeds from profit towards planting trees throughout regional native forests and private plantations.

To learn more about our Carbon Neutral Offset Scheme (CNOS), contact us today.