Delivery Options 

We have flexible delivery options to choose from




›  Priority Delivery - dispatched within 2-3 business days or your chosen date thereafter

Average ETA for this option is 2 days

›  Express Delivery - same day delivery

Order with this option before 10:00am for same day delivery


Use the shipping calculator for an instant delivery quote!

Located on each product page


The price of each delivery option is based on volume combined weight and reduces in cost with increased volume/purchase quantity.

The free delivery option is made possible when we can backload your order with another order going to the same or neighbouring council/suburb. 



Truck Information

For bulk haulage, our trucks range in total capacity from 2 cubic meters to 165 cubic meters:


›  Light Utility Vehicle - 2 cubic meters

›  Light Utility Vehicle - 4 cubic meters

›  Light Rigid Truck - 4 cubic meters

›  Light Rigid Truck - 8 cubic meters

›  Medium Rigid Truck - 13 cubic meters

›  Heavy Rigid Truck - 18 cubic meters

›  Heavy Rigid Truck - 25 cubic meters

›  Heavy Combination Semi - 28 cubic meters

›  Heavy Combination Roadtrain - 56 cubic meters

›  Multi Combination Roadtrain - 150/165 cubic meters


*Total volume capacity may be affected if the product is wet.