Delivery Policy

By purchasing ecoJarrah products and/or services, you are contracting us "ecoJarrah" to deliver products to your property or dropsite and, therefore, agree to the following Delivery Policy criteria:


  • Responsibility for delivering, including some or all unloading processes, ends at the verge or accessible driveway(s), of the specified delivery address.
    • In some cases, we may be able to access other areas of your property at your discretion and instruction. Upon request of delivering onto your property will deem your acceptance of this statement. This process may be subject to legal and safe access depending on the size of the truck in use and the accessability of the site.
  • Any damages caused in the process of delivering, or unloading, past the verge or driveway is not considered our responsibility.
  • It is your "the Customers" responsability to ensure our trucks can access to your property or required dropsite.
    • Contact us prior to your delivery schedule to ensure we can access.
  • In circumstances that prevent us from successfully delivering or accessing your property or dropsite, will incur an additional delivery fee(s) to return with other truck configurations.
    • If we cannot physically access your property or dropsite, a partial refund will be offered.
  • Due to regulations enforced by local councils, Main Roads and our insurance provider, our drivers are instructed not to access or unload to certain areas (ie. footpaths, powerlines and roads).
  • The delivery services, terms and conditions only apply to purchase orders placed with ecoJarrah directly or online via this website and exclude any purchase orders made through our Retail or Distribution partners.