• Q: Can I choose a delivery date?
  • A: Yes – you can select a preferred delivery date on the checkout page
  • Q: Will someone contact me before my delivery arrives?
  • A: Yes – we send a delivery schedule email or SMS prior to dispatch
  • Q: Can I receive same-day or next-day delivery?
  • A: Yes – but please order over the phone to ensure availability
  • Q: I'm expecting a delivery that hasn't arrived
  • A: If you have received a delivery schedule update via email or SMS but haven't received your order within the specified timeframe try calling or contacting us via live chat 
  • Q: Where can I pick up from?
  • A: For retail sales – contact our Distributors 
  • A: For Commercial sales – contact us to organise pick-up from our Baldivis depot (truck access only)
  • Q: Can I receive delivery over the weekend?
  • A: Yes – if requested in advance, a Saturday delivery is sometimes possible (surcharge will apply)
  • Q: I'm interested in a product that is 'out of stock' when will it be available?
  • A: Out-of-stock products are usually available within 14 days – click on the 'Notify me' button to be alerted when the product is back in-stock
  • Q: What size are your trucks?
  • A: Our trucks vary depending on the site access and order volume. For more info visit the Delivery Details page
  • Q: Do products come in bags?
  • A: No – all ecoJarrah products are supplied and delivered in bulk
  • Q: What is the difference with products made to Australian Standard AS4454?
  • A: This standard applies to Mulch products that get hot enough to naturally pasteurize to kill any bacteria that may be present. Regardless, we ensure strict quality compliance in our procurement process to reduce any risk
  • Q: What is the difference with products made to Australian Standard AS4422?
  • A: This standard applies to Woodchip products that have been site tested to comply with commercial Soft-fall use purposes to reduce head injury when falling from heights. This does not mean the product is physcially soft
  • Q: Are any products treated or coloured?
  • A: No – all our products are made from 100% natural resources that do not contain any treatments or colourants
  • Q: I am trying to call but there's no answer?
  • A: If you are calling from a private number or outside WA our 1300 number may not connect. If you are calling outside our business hours you may be diverted to messagebank
  • Q: Are there any promo codes or discounts available?
  • A: You can save $10 by simply ordering online or subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming sales and promotions
  • Q: Can I pay by cash on delivery?
  • A: No – we no longer accept cash. These are our accepted payment methods:


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Pick up

By: on 22 October 2019
I have a ute can i pick up a load from your yard?

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