Mulch Order Guide

When it comes to estimating how much volume (cubic meters) you need to cover your area (square meters), it can be easy to over or underestimate how much you need to efficiently install at the right application (millimetres) – this depends on the product and your proposed use for it. 
To give you an idea, 1m³ cubic meter covers approximately 10m² square meters when installed at 90mm - 110mm (recommended for weed control, foot traffic), 20m² square meters at 50mm - 70mm (recommended for aesthetic use only) or 30m² square meters at 20mm - 40mm (minimum application possible for most mulch and woodchip products).
Example (1) 
If you have 100m² square meters and want to suppress weeds:
Application – 95mm - 105mm 
Required Volume – 10m³
Example (2) 
If you have 50m² square meters and want to install at the minimum application:
Application – 25mm - 35mm 
Required Volume – 3m³
This information is a guide only and does not guarantee total area coverage.