The founder and the team which form the ecoJarrah business pride ourselves on becoming a leader in SUSTAINABLE WASTE MANAGEMENT for all forms of Timber and Wood.


"What some may consider waste, I see potential resource for the agriculture, energy, forestry and landscape industries" ‒ HARRY CLARK, Founder of ecoJarrah


Our plans, proccesses and quality management systems have been, and continue to be, developed around methods of recovering natural resources that are potential sources of produce for the industries and sectors which our products and services are aligned with while taking into consideration and respect of traditional cultural significances.


'Adjective of 'eco'

not harming the environment; to be eco-friendly

‒ this is our company culture, our objective, our mission.


We consider green, timber, tree and wood waste as valuable sources of resource and the recycling services that are adapted to the processes of recovering these materials is just as important.

Throughout Western Australia. eco delivers integrated environmental solutions to the waste management, municipal, construction, commercial, industrial, mining, oil, and gas sectors.


The resource we focus on is from but not limited to:

  • Logs (any size)
  • Mill-ends (treated or untreated)
  • Mulch (bark, fern, leaf, woodchips)
  • Pallets (treated or untreated)
  • Sawdust (includes shavings)
  • Spent-charge


To find out how we can help your through resource recovery, contact us today