Soft-fall Standards

What is Soft-fall material?

Soft-fall material is site tested and certified impact attenuating surfacing

When is Soft-fall material required?

All playground equipment with a fall height 600mm or more above ground level must have an impact attenuating surface beneath and around (falling space and impact area) it to help minimise serious head or other injuries in the event of falls


Playground surfacing must meet the test requirements of AS/NZS 4422. Request information on the critical fall height rating of the impact attenuating surfacing as tested to AS/NZS 4422. File with the records for your playground safety management system. No one material has proven to be the best product for impact attenuating surfacing. Consideration of factors such as environmental conditions, cost and personal preference may be applied when selecting a material

Maintenance of Playground Surfacing

Appropriate maintenance of playground surfacing will extend longevity of the materials and minimise risks to users. It's important to follow the Australian Standard requirements along with our (or other manufacturer/suppliers) instructions for all materials within the playspace in ongoing maintenance inspections

Regularly check solid surfaces for wear and tear. Use an outdoor blower/vacuum cleaner or stiff broom to remove leaves and unwanted material from the surface. An annual high-pressure wash will continue to enhance the appearance and reduce any foliage stains. Attention to any surface damage is required immediately. If the surface is shaded and conditions are moist, fungal growth may occur. This can be easily rectified by washing with a mild detergent solution and stiff broom

We provide Comprehensive Compliance Auditing ‒ FREE OF CHARGE

We conduct site surveys following the industry code and standard prerequisites to provide reports on the quality of existing material and compliance of installation based on the surrounding environments


This is concluded with a documented analysis based on our knowledge of the Australian Standard 4422:1996 and 4422:2016 combined with product care information and recommendations on how to improve product longevity

We provide this free of charge because it's the right thing to do

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Ensure your product is Surface Impact Test Certified

If you haven't purchase a Soft-fall product from us, ask your manufacturer/supplier for a Surface Impact Test Certificate or at the least a letterhead document that states the product name, it's material type and composition along with the Australian Standard code 4422 

A compliant certificate should look like this 🡲

If your manufacturer/supplier fails to or refuses to provide evidence that the product is 'Soft-fall' certified, do not allow children to occupy the playspace, especially in commercial settings (ie. Childcare or Schools) 

Summary of Playground Standards in Australia


  • Standards Australia have published the new version of AS 4422:2016 November 2016. This standard replaces AS/NZS 4422:1996 and is effective as of November 2016. It is titled “AS 4422:2016 Playground surfacing-Specifications, requirements and test method”

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