Terms and Conditions of Trade


The ‘Customer’ (You) agrees and guarantees to comply with the ‘Company’ (Industry Group Pty Ltd trading as ecoJarrah) and abide by the following Terms and Conditions outlined and contained in this Document. 1. The standard payment Terms of Trading are prepaid prior to completion, collection, delivery and/or fulfilment unless specified otherwise by a Company management or directing representative. 2. Until payment of the provided invoice total is made in full, the title of any Goods and/or Services supplied will not commence or continue to the Customer, but the customer will remain responsible to the Company for the condition of said and supplied Goods and/or Services when under the care or held on a third party property, including damages, theft and fire, until payment is made in full. 3. Upon non-payment, the Company stipulates the right, and is hereby authorised by the Customer, to investigate, locate and enter into and upon any premises or vehicle, where the Goods and/or Services may be stored. or known to be in use, with or without other involved parties of the Customer, to retain possession of and remove the same, including fixtures, under the control of a third party representing the Company. The Customer hereby indemnifies the Company against any claim, action or damages caused or that may arise out of such actions, and against any cost resulting in the repossession of Good and/or Services supplied by the Company. 4. The Customer understands that by providing consent to the Company storing credit card information, that any outstanding amounts will be automatically debited on the applicable due date unless specified otherwise or if the relevant information has been removed upon request. 5. If the Customer defaults in payment of any account, this will result in monies owing to the Company deemed immediately payable resulting in a debt interest rate calculation from the date of non-payment and any collection charges will be subject and added to the account. 5. Interest added to any account is subject to the rate provided under ‘The Magistrates Court (Civil Proceedings) Act 2004 and Civil Judgements Enforcements Act 2004’. Interests and fees will be claimed up to and including the date on which the debt is paid in full and all expenses including interest and advance fees from the use of an invoice factoring facility incurred by the Company in the process of payment, repossession or recovery of any monies due, Solicitors Fees, Debt Collectors Fees, Court Costs, Process Serving Costs, Disbursements, Security Document Costs, Fees on Dishonour and any other unspecified Costs in relation to debt recovery proceedings shall be an additional debt due and owing to the Company by the Customer and is hereby and herein guaranteed under any and all circumstances. 6. Invoices overdue by the trade Terms provided will be registered on the P.P.S.R. for Security of Possession against Insolvency. 7. You agree to have been made aware of and provided with other Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions and other Policies of the Company, as made available online at https://www.ecojarrah.com.au/legal including technicalities, that are considered an attachment to this Invoice without being included in all correspondence. 8. In prior defence and regardless of any application to the contrary of the contents in this document, the operations and compliance of the Company are governed by the Laws of Western Australia, therefore, stipulating any action instigated or instituted by the Company against the Customer, and/or any action instigated or instituted by the Customer against the Company, to be based on and subject under the Laws of Western Australia, and to be conducted in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia located at 501 Hay St, Perth WA 6000.




The Company will make reasonable effort to ensure quality of Products and/or Services are made available at the time of legal request, that correct operation of the Goods and/or Services are rendered and any disputes will be carried out in a professional manner between the parties involved in the administration, transaction or delivery of the Goods and/or Services.